Mark B. 

"I'm a low single digit player always in pursuit of perfection. In the past I used a cheap putting mirror but it only helped with eye alignment. The PAR board takes things to the next level by allowing me to check my shoulder alignment AND my path. It helped me to make some minor tweaks and now I've got more confidence on the greens and am dropping more putts. Definitely recommend!"

Jessica A.

"The simplest tool that had me hitting straighter and more pure putts after just minutes. The mirror helped me realize I was standing too far away from the ball and the path helped me roll the ball end over end every time. Great product!"


"Right away, first time I used this, the PAR Board helped correct my stance over the putt. The eye zone showed me I wasn't getting over the ball enough. Having the back swing mapped on there helped me get consistent lines and distance from the putts right away. All done indoors in the comfort of my home once the kids are asleep and I have some time to myself. It works just as well outside on the putting green; using tees, you can not only pin it in place, but also create gates for your putter and ball. This does a great job of keeping you honest as to how repeatable you actually are. As a high handicapper, I need accountability! I am keeping it in my bag when I go to the driving range. Now when I'm having trouble with my consistency on the practice green, I can grab the PAR Board and do a quick spot check on all of my mechanics as well as get some reps in to reinforce the muscle memory."

I used the Par Board Tour to practice every day before my Club Championship. My putting stats dropped on average 2 putts per round! I ended up WINNING!
Scott P.

"Excellent practice tool both at home and on the course.

I use frequently to prevent against bad habits in my stroke."  Danny N.