01. Back and Through vs. Arc, Which is Better?

It is a mistake to think the putting stroke should be straight back and through. The level of muscle memory and complexity is exponentially higher than that of an arc style putt. Even when you see the pros practicing on those other boards that promote straight back and through, they are spot checking their setup, but when they are out on the course, are more than likely using the arc putting stroke.

Most players who proclaim they use the straight back and through method, really don't use it in the field. If you really watch them, you'll notice that it still has an arc to it as the body naturally moves that way. Now, the type of putter you select is important based on how much or how little "arc" you want to build into your stroke. All that matters is as impact, is you putter aligned properly and neither open nor closed when contacting the golf ball. 

We recommend trying our board and putting your straight back and through thinking on the shelf. You will be amazed with the results in just minutes after practicing proper putting technique. Use the same stroke that has won so many tournaments by Tour Pros!

02. What Putter Should I Use?

It is recommended that players who use a straight back and through (or at least think they do) use a face balanced putter. Players who use a small to wide arc stroke should use clubs with more toe hang. This is due to the fact that a toe hang putter creates drag and slows the rotation down through the stroke. If you are using a face balanced putter, these are designed to reduce twisting on inconsistent strikes. What if instead of a band-aid, you fixed the issue and had more consistency?

Using the Par Perfect Golf putting board will give you the confidence to step over your putts and make a solid stroke. You'll visualize the alignment and path and sink your putt!