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STOP Putting Straight Back & Straight Through.

Discover the ultimate putting training tool, the PAR Perfect Mirror. Say goodbye to outdated straight-back-straight-through techniques and learn the coveted arc used by tour pros with our state-of-the-art mirror. Unlock your true potential with the PAR Perfect Mirror - the only mirror that teaches the arc motion used by tour professionals.

How It Works
  • Brian Harman - Tour Pro

    Harman, dropping 58 out of 59 putts from within 10 feet of the cup to win the British Open, credits the PAR Perfect Mirror as the key to putting success. "Yeah, I found this – it’s a silly-looking mirror where it’s got like a little better release pattern. I was just kind of cutting my putts too much. I spent a lot of time just feeling the ball, almost hitting like a baby draw with my putter."

  • Carl Yuan - Tour Pro

    After incorporating the PAR Perfect Mirror into his training routine, professional golfer Carl Yuan saw significant improvements in his putting accuracy and consistency. In fact, shortly after starting to use the mirror, Carl earned his PGA Tour Pro Card, a testament to the effectiveness of the PAR Perfect Mirror.

  • Mike Shannon - PGA Tour Instructor

    The PAR Perfect Putting Mirror is the best putting training aid Ive seen in years!

  • Scott P. - Amateur

    I used the PAR Perfect Putting Mirror to practice every day before my Club Championship. My putting stats dropped on average 2 putts per round! I ended up WINNING!

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Featured in Top Golf Magazines and Blogs – Discover Why the Pros Choose PAR Perfect!

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Rick Smith Approved

"I like the PAR Perfect Putting Mirror so much, as soon as I was introduced to it, I began using it with all my tour students and amateur students. There is only one putting mirror that has the perfect slightly arcing stroke built right into the mirror and it allows you to easily groove your stroke in your home, office or on the putting green!"

Instructor to golfs greatest champions - Jack, Phil, Greg and more.

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Why Choose PAR Perfect Over the Competition

Discover the Unmatched Advantages of the #1 Putting Mirror on Tour

  • Patented Success

    The only putting mirror that has a patented template that shows you the correct arc of the putting stroke demonstrated by the Pros on Tour.

  • Craftsmanship

    Propietary material makes this the strongest, lightest, and most portaable putting mirror on the market.

  • Unmatched Advantage

    Included Separate Shoulder Mirror. Get instant feedback on your alignment, a feature unmatched by competitors.

Money Back Guarantee

At PAR Perfect Golf, we stand behind our products and believe in their quality. That's why we offer a 30-day, no-questions-asked money back guarantee on our putting mirror. If for any reason you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply return it within 30 days for a full refund. Experience the confidence that comes with knowing you made the right decision with PAR Perfect Golf.