Stop The Guessing Game when it comes your putting!

Have you ever heard a golfer say, "My putter was on fire
today”  or “My flat stick was on fire”?  It’s time that you were saying
that instead of hearing about it!

Improve the fundamentals of your putting mechanics and shave
strokes off your scorecard with the Par Perfect Putting Mirror! 


You might be asking yourself who putts with a putting arc? How about some of the best players on Tour and just about every tour player you watch on Sunday. The PAR Perfect Mirror works and works fast! You can dramatically improve your putting and you can do it in your home, your office, or on the practice green. If you want to lower your scores, improve your game, eliminate 3 putts and sink more putts from 6 feet, 10 feet or even 20 feet or more than the PAR Perfect mirror is PERFECT for you!


For all the talk of adding 20 yards to your drives, there is a quicker way to shave a few shots off your scores: stop three-putting. The bane of most golfers existence is making it to the green in regulation and failing to putt-out for par or birdie because it took more than two shots. For that reason, putting is perhaps one of the most important areas of the game amateur players should look to improve on the most. The Par Perfect Putting Mirror and shoulder board are the perfect aids to quickly help you shave strokes.

Used On All Tours

The Biggest Myth in Putting revealed.

The only mirror training aid that has a patented template that shows you the correct arc of the putting stroke. Par = path and release


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