Find Your Perfect Putting Aid: Explore the PAR Perfect Mirror Family

The Tour Proto - BEST

The PAR Perfect Mirror Tour Proto Gen 3 is the newest and most advanced putting aid in the PAR Perfect Mirror family. Building on the success of the Tour Gen 2, the Tour Proto Gen 3 features a more durable and scratch-resistant surface, as well as enhanced alignment lines for improved accuracy. The smaller ball gate allows for a more focused and challenging putting experience, while the added training templates help golfers refine their putting stroke even further. Designed with input from PGA professionals, the Tour Proto Gen 3 is the ultimate tool for golfers looking to improve their putting game and achieve PAR perfection.

The Tour - BETTER

Building upon the success of the Original Gen 1, theย PAR Perfect Mirror Tour Gen 2 model features a small white eye line, a smaller hole for ball placement, and extra white lines for multiple ball gate sizes. Additionally, the Tour Gen 2 comes with a complimentary shoulder board to help correct the position of your shoulders, which is a critical component of your putting success.

The Original - GOOD

The goal of the PAR Perfect Golf Original Putting Mirror was to replicate the putting stroke of the most successful professionals on tour. The Original was built to beย the most effective putting aid for beginning and junior golfers who want to learn the correct putting stroke. It mimics the path used by the best and most consistent putters on tour to achieve consistency on the greens.

The Shoulder Mirror

The PAR Perfect Shoulder Mirror is a versatile training aid designed to help golfers achieve optimal shoulder alignment for improved putting, as well as long and short game. Originally offered as part of the PAR Perfect Mirror set, it is now available separately to provide golfers with a standalone option for honing their shoulder position, which is crucial to a consistent putting stroke. Get your PAR Perfect Shoulder Mirror today and take your golf game to the next level!