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Garsen Golf QUAD TOUR Pistol TPE Tapered Putting Grip- Helps your path & release!!

Garsen Golf QUAD TOUR Pistol TPE Tapered Putting Grip- Helps your path & release!!

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Maximize your path & release with Garsen to unlock the mirror's full potential.

Introducing the Garsen QUAD TOUR Pistol TPE Tapered Putting Grip – the ideal companion to elevate your putting stroke when used alongside our PAR Perfect Putting Mirror. This grip is one of the most unique putting grips in the world... It truly helps a player with "PAR" ...Path And Release..  

The Garsen QUAD TOUR Pistol TPE Tapered Putting Grip is designed with precision and performance in mind. Crafted from high-quality materials, it offers golfers a superior grip that promotes stability, control, and consistency during their putts. But what makes it the perfect match for our PAR Perfect Putting Mirror?

Enhanced Feel and Feedback: The Garsen QUAD TOUR Pistol TPE Grip provides golfers with a comfortable yet firm feel, ensuring a seamless connection between the hands and the putter. When used in conjunction with the PAR Perfect Putting Mirror, you'll experience unparalleled feedback on your stroke and alignment, helping you fine-tune your technique for better results on the greens.

Perfect Alignment: Achieving proper alignment is crucial for sinking putts with precision. The Garsen QUAD TOUR Grip's ergonomic design encourages a natural hand position, complementing the PAR Perfect Putting Mirror's emphasis on correct putter path and alignment. Together, they create a synergy that enhances your putting consistency.

Versatile Performance: Whether you're practicing short putts, long-distance efforts, or honing your entire putting stroke, the Garsen QUAD TOUR Grip delivers versatility and performance. Pair it with the PAR Perfect Putting Mirror to work on your full range of putting skills.

Trusted by Professionals: The Garsen QUAD TOUR Pistol TPE Putting Grip is favored by many professional golfers, making it a go-to choice for those who demand the best. Align your putting game with the pros and see the difference it can make with our PAR Perfect Putting Mirror.

Elevate your putting game to new heights with the Garsen QUAD TOUR Pistol TPE Tapered Putting Grip, the perfect companion for your PAR Perfect Putting Mirror. Together, they create a powerful combination that empowers golfers to master the art of putting and sink more putts with confidence.


  • Grip diameter: 1 Inch   
  • Length: 10 3/4''
  • Weight: 76 Grams  
  • Core Size: .580  
  • Firmness: Soft
  • Shock Absorption: High 
  • Material: High-Tech TPE  
  • Feel: Semi-tacky Smooth
  • Profile: Pistol Tapered

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    Hear it from the Happy Putters: Garsen Golf Customer Reviews

    • Collin M.

      Ridiculously good

      The feel and feedback from the TPE is unreal.Seriously, this grip is the one.

    • Walter B.

      Love the new grip.

      Had lost faith in my Edel putter. Replaced the round Edel grip with the Garsen Quad Tour. Now have repainted faith in putter. Love shape and feel of the taper Pistol TPE

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