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BUNDLE - The PAR Perfect Mirror - Tour Proto - with Shoulder Mirror + Garsen Golf QUAD TOUR Pistol TPE Tapered Putting Grip

BUNDLE - The PAR Perfect Mirror - Tour Proto - with Shoulder Mirror + Garsen Golf QUAD TOUR Pistol TPE Tapered Putting Grip

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Straight Back Straight Through is Obsolete! PAR Perfect Golf has built the ultimate tour pro putting blueprint, the only arc path mirror on the market! Don't be fooled by other mirrors instructing incorrect putting path. With PAR Perfect Golf Putting Mirror, start putting like a Tour Pro today and start taking your golf buddies' money tomorrow!

Elevate your putting game with the Tour Proto Bundle, a comprehensive package that includes the Par Perfect Mirror, Par Perfect Shoulder Mirror, and the Garsen QUAD TOUR Pistol TPE Putting Grip.

Tour Proto Mirror: Putt like a pro with the Par Perfect Mirror, trusted by professionals for improving short game technique. Gain reliable feedback on head, torso, and ball position. Control speed and striking line, replicating a two-putt stroke for par perfection. The bundle includes the Par Perfect Shoulder Mirror to ensure correct shoulder alignment.

Garsen QUAD TOUR Grip: Maximize your path & release with the Garsen QUAD TOUR Pistol TPE Tapered Putting Grip, the ideal companion for the Par Perfect Mirror. Crafted for precision and performance, it enhances feel and feedback, promotes perfect alignment, and offers versatile performance. Trusted by professionals, it's the perfect match for honing your putting skills with the Par Perfect Mirror.

Together, the Tour Proto Bundle creates a powerful synergy, empowering golfers to master the art of putting and sink more putts with confidence.

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Hear it from the Happy Putters: PAR Perfect Golf Customer Reviews

  • Tim C.

    I've never tried anything that's helped my game quicker than the PAR Perfect Mirror. In just a week my putting average has dropped anywhere from three to four strokes a round.

  • Andy P.

    My putts were straighter my distance was more consistent, even my misses were closer. The best part was about four feet away I went nine for nine.

  • Felicia C.

    In just the last week with the PAR Perfect Mirror I've been able to eliminate my three putts and make alot more one putts. I love the PAR Perfect tool, it's really helping my game.

  • Adam R.

    The arc makes the ball roll online and I really love that feature. With the PAR Perfect Mirror I believe I could easily shave four to five strokes off of my game.

Money Back Guarantee

At PAR Perfect Golf, we stand behind our products and believe in their quality. That's why we offer a 30-day, no-questions-asked money back guarantee on our putting mirror. If for any reason you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply return it within 30 days for a full refund. Experience the confidence that comes with knowing you made the right decision with PAR Perfect Golf.